The Quartet

Quartetto Felix, winner of ‘Premio Sinopoli 2017’ awarded by the President of the Italian Republic, was founded by Marina Pellegrino, Vincenzo Meriani, Francesco Venga and Matteo Parisi in 2015 within the Specialization Courses of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.

His name, in addition to identifying happiness as indispensable condition of making music, is a tribute to Campania, called “felix” by the ancient Latins, that is the home region of all its components.

About us

Four distinct and singular musicians, who however blend well into an impeccable whole.

Bruno Canino

Impeccable and mature instrumentalists as well as excellent musicians. The motivation to work together as one unity, which shines through in the enthusiasm of their interpretations, has already produced excellent results and is leading them to achievements worthy of the highest acclaim.

Bruno Giuranna

I listened to the Felix Quartet concert on the radio. I was immediately struck by the cleanliness and beauty of the sound, very important technical qualities, and impeccable execution. The choice of repertoire, rare and intelligent, with particular attention to the great and undervalued William Walton, testifies to the members’ cultural breadth of vision. The choice of name, which at first I thought was rather obviously linked to Mendelssohn, instead revealed to me the love of these valiant soloists for classical culture. Listening to their interview, with observations full of intelligence and, I repeat, culture, made me admire this group more and wish them the most splendid future. They stand out against the tendency of our times: one more reason to support them.

Paolo Isotta

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